Manage projects & Timesheets efficiently with PeopleApex Task Management system a very useful tool from our HRMS.

With PeopleApex task management system , you can prioritize your highly important tasks and less important tasks easily. It enhances productivity and help you organize your work efficiently. You can also manage timesheets process.
Spend more time in completing tasks not managing them. This one is the highly demanded module in the current work environment in HRMS . This is useful for any size of business.

Create Tasks

Manage clients, domains projects & tasks all from one system.
You can create clients lists and details, domains on which your are working upon, projects and from one tasks. You can have all detailed information about each project and tasks for the same.

Assign Tasks

You can map tasks for specific projects and assign tasks to your resource(employee). It will give you clear picture of “who is working on what”. Employees will be able to find out what they are going to do and can set their priorities.

Record Task Time

Employee can record task details with time and can also attach supporting documents. They will be able to send it to multiple recipients like project head, team leader and so on.

Timesheet Management

Employees can send timesheets for approval and managers can check the progress of tasks at each step. Dynamic reports and analytics.

If you’re evaluating HR & Payroll software and considering PeopleApex or just want more information, we are here to help.

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